Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swarm Lacrosse?

Swarm Lacrosse is an elite, not for profit, boys lacrosse club based in Orlando, FL.  Our purpose is to promote the sport among individuals in grades 1 through 12, with an emphasis on, but not strictly limited to, those attending the Catholic Schools in the Central Florida area.  Our goal is to provide the best environment for players to learn, improve, and excel at the game. 

What are the objectives of Swarm Lacrosse?

The objective of the Swarm is multi-fold: to promote Lacrosse as a sport at all levels of interest; to disseminate information on such subjects as the advantages of Lacrosse as a means of providing physical fitness; learning sportsmanship; dedication to team and self discipline; and to promote and reinforce positive moral values to our participants and members, including, without limitation, Catholic values.

How are teams selected?

High School: Our high school program consists of Varsity and JV level teams, and is open to all players who attend our affiliated High School (exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis).  There are Fall and Winter seasons, and players can participate in one or both sessions. 

Youth: Our youth teams are members of the Florida Lacrosse Association, and are for players in grades 1-8. This is an instructional/recreational program and there are no try-outs.  There are Fall and Spring seasons, and players can participate in one or both sessions. 

Club Teams:  We also sponsor Summer Club and Tournament teams at both the High School and Youth level.  These teams are by invitation-only, and preference for roster positions is given to returning players.  Subsequent player invitations are based on position needs and may require a try-out. 

How long does the season last?

High School:  We participate in various Fall and Winter leagues.   The fall season normally occurs in September and October, while winter runs from November-January.  Teams usually play six-eight games per season.

Youth:  The youth season lasts approximately 8 weeks, with practice beginning 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the season.  The fall season runs from September-November, and spring from March-May.  Games are played at various Central Florida locations on Saturdays.

Club Teams:  Practice for the summer begins in June.  The teams usually participate in various tournaments, team camps, and games during June and/or July, and schedules are usually finalized in May.

When/where is practice?

Practices for all teams is usually held 2 days per week and lasts approximately 2 hours per session.  Locations/days/times are determined prior to the start of each season, and are held at a centrally located facility (Maitland/Winter Park/College Park area), if possible.

What if I have to miss practice or a game?

Please contact your coach via phone or email.

What equipment do I need and how much does it cost?

Each player is responsible for providing his own equipment.

What are the club costs?

A breakdown of the various costs/fees for each of the programs can be found here.

Is there a refund policy?

Swarm Lacrosse Club will refund registration fees less a $10.00 processing fee to any player who notifies the club in writing before the first practice of the applicable season. As Swarm expends funds related to player registration once the season starts (including league, practice field and uniform expenses), refunds after that point are not available.  US Lacrosse memberships are not administered by Swarm, and accordingly, the Swarm will not provide refunds for membership costs.

What about travel costs?

Travel expenses for out of town events are not a part of the season fees and are the responsibility of those players / families attending the event.

Do I have to accompany my son on trips?

No, a player may attend an out of town event with another teammate's family.  Please inform the coaches prior to the event.

Will my son be insured?

All members of the Swarm MUST be members of USLacrosse (and most of the leagues/tournaments we participate in require USLacrosse membership as well).  With all players belonging to USLacrosse, we are covered under their insurance policy.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact the club via our feedback page.

What is our mailing address?

Swarm Lacrosse Club, Inc.
PO Box 2603
Winter Park, FL  32790